My name is Jamie I live in the county of Warwickshire in the U.K.  I have a full time job in finance a wife and two cheeky little boys called Sam and Louie.  An uncle introduced me and my brothers to the game.  I think we all became instantly addicted.  I started well into adulthood and I’m not going to lie I was awful.  I think I had a fair degree of athleticism, I was  pretty good junior tennis player and not too bad at football.  But my golf swing (and the ball) was all over the place.  I didn’t get an official handicap for a few years because it was too embarrassing but it would have easily been 28.  By the time I got round to submitting some cards about 4  years later I was down to around 15.  Fast forward another 15 years or so and I currently play of 5.  Although there are many flaws my swing is unrecognisable from the one I started off with.  I’m pretty sure I’ve got some old footage of my swing on a laptop.  Once I find it I will do a before and after.  I am only able to play once or twice a week and maybe get the odd ranges session in but I believe that I can get down to scratch.

I have decided to create this website for a few reasons; primarily I wanted to create a reference of instruction for the most important areas of the swing.  As someone who has had to really work on the mechanics, I think I am well placed to explain them to others (or at the very least present helpful explanations from others).  There is too much bad advice.  I have received some terrible instruction from PGA pros.  There is also a lot of really bad stuff floating around online.  I think I have learned a lot about the subject (I have read pretty much every book and watch almost every video out there).  Golf is a great game that you can play well into later life; I have found the better it is played the more enjoyable it becomes.  Selfishly I believe the act of explicitly describing the swing will actually help my own game.  Finally, as I seem to be sitting up late babysitting my 8 month old most evenings I needed something to keep me entertained.